Weekly Digest – 27 September 2022

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House prices likely to fall from peak levels

Oxford Economics is warning real estate investors to prepare for a hard landing, as new figures suggest that real estate prices could drop over 30% from the late-2020 peak. High debt loads, elevated inflation, and rising rates are contributing factors.

Air taxis will be here before you know it

eVTOLs, or electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, are completely battery-powered, super quiet, and pilot-optional. They are already in the testing phase by a handful of manufacturers.

Netflix seeking new chief accounting officer

Chief accounting officer of Netflix Ken Barker has resigned from his position after just 4 months on the job, citing personal reasons. The role pays $2.4 million.

Costco is raising its membership prices

Membership prices at the wholesale giant have remained the same for 5 years, but that’s about to change. When the increase will take place is still a mystery, but the company has warned that it is imminent.

Is gold a safe bet?

It seems that we are officially creeping toward a bear market. Experts weigh in on whether gold is a sound investment in times like these.

Why crypto keeps falling

There’s a lot happening with crypto these days, but none of the news is very positive. After last week’s interest rate hike, and the overhaul to the blockchain before that, investors are wondering if there’s a bottom in sight for crypto prices.

Google CEO says we can have fun without spending too much

With the current economic landscape in mind, Google CEO Sundar Pichai urged his employees not to “equate fun with money” during a company-wide town hall event last week.

Interest rate hike causes world economy to wobble

The US Federal Reserve raised interest rates again last week, taking the rate charged to borrow from near zero at the beginning of 2022 to a current minimum of 3 percent. Economists argue that the move has shaken the world economy.

British pound may sink below $1 US

After the new UK government’s mini-budget announcement on Friday that revealed new economic policies, the GBP sunk to its lowest level since 1985 – ending last week at US$1.09.

Tips from a successful 30-year-old entrepreneur

Jane Labowitch, aka Princess Etch, is an Etch a Sketch artist who makes a good living by using the mechanical drawing toy to create intricate portraits and landscapes. She shares the 3 things that are worth every penny to any aspiring entrepreneur.

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