We Do More Than the Accounting Heavy lifting

Our team goes beyond the typical full-service accounting and tax compliance services– we add unparalleled value to our clients through our business advisory and specialist services.

Audit and Assurance to Establish Compliance and Confidence

ACCOUNTANTS on MAIN has a dedicated audit and assurance team that will ensure your compliance with government regulations and limit risk.

However, the benefits of our service go beyond mere compliance. We can also secure the confidence of your stakeholders by giving them assurance on the reliability of your financial information. With our independent, high-quality financial audit engagements, we can improve your credibility with banks, regulatory bodies, the management, and the board, as well as other interested parties.

Our team can help you in the following ways:

  • financial statement audit
  • review engagements
  • compilations and notice to reader engagements
  • agreed-upon audit procedures
  • compliance and other attestation engagements
  • accounting standards for private enterprises
  • small business accounting and compliance services

At ACCOUNTANTS on MAIN, accounting (Notice to Reader) and assurance (Audit and Review) services are significant parts of our practice. So by tapping into our expertise, you will be able to achieve regulatory compliance and obtain impartial advice that has tangible benefits to your business.

Estate Planning

Our team understands that your assets are the products of your years of hard work, which is why we want to give you peace of mind that they are dealt with in the manner you prefer through estate planning. If you have a business, you would also need careful succession planning to ensure business continuity.

Here are the specific ways our estate planning and succession planning experts can help you:

  • Discussing your objective for your estate
  • Confirming assets including valuations, inventories, and appraisals
  • Court approval for a grant of administration
  • Documentation for estate planning
  • Asset protection
  • Settling debts and taxes
  • Estate distribution

Business Reorganization

Do you want to improve the efficiency and profitability of your business?

ACCOUNTANTS on MAIN can carry out an independent business review to determine if there’s a need for business reorganization or restructuring. Basically, this process involves dismantling and rebuilding certain aspects of your business which require special attention from the top management.

Through our Business Reorganization service, our team can assess the current financial position of your company, help you evaluate your options, and provide expert advice and guidance on the recommended procedure.

Don’t delay seeking assistance from our business specialists– come to us as soon as the first signs of trouble become apparent so we can work out a turnaround plan!

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