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Judith grant

My articling experience was received with KPMG-an international accounting firm. Here my experience included in-depth auditing techniques for both financial and compliance issues.

Having owned and operated my own retail businesses for over ten years, so I have both operational and financial experience. I personally had dealings with financial institutions during times of refinancing or loan requirements. Understanding the bank’s position is definitely an asset when approaching them for new or extended credit requirements. The business underwent an extensive audit from Revenue Canada. The Agency reassessed the tax filings resulting in a significant tax liability including interest and penalties. I was instrumental in defending our original tax filing position. Eventually, CRA overturned the reassessment, reversed the tax liability, interest and penalties and forwarded a considerable tax refund to the Company.

Having been the client during this period dealing with Canada Revenue Agency, the accountants and the tax preparers, I have never forgotten this confusing position. Often questions went unanswered. Phone calls were not returned. Canada Revenue Agency seemed a daunting governing body.

Entrepreneur of the Year (2007)

Judy Grant


Exhibits excellence in starting and operating their own business, has been established for 1-3 years, with 10 or less employees. Recognized for displaying good business ethics, providing superior customer service and demonstrating innovation and creativity in operating their business. 

Taken from the Town of Halton Hills website.

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As a chartered accountant:

  • I am able to represent my clients taking the fear out of CRA.
  • Our policy is to return phone calls promptly.
  • Our policy is to not just answer the questions asked by my clients but to inform my clients of issues they have not yet thought of.
  • Our policy is to not stop serving until you are satisfied.


Professional Experience

  • Auditing, accounting, income tax, business consulting, corporate financing and estate planning services for entrepreneurial client base
  • Clients include owner-managed businesses, and rental investments acquisition, cash flow analysis, and tax strategies
  • Tax planning and tax preparation for individuals and corporations
  • Implementation of Certification of Annual Disclosure commonly referred to as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Circulated Material

  • Business Income and Deductions – Keeping It All Balanced
  • Financial Training Seminar – Project Management and its Financial Impact

Professional Associations

  • Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario

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