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As Chartered Professional Accountants, we provide the highest level of income tax service and tax-preparation expertise to each of our clients with a continuous service clause as our guarantee to satisfaction.

Chartered Professional Accountant = Trusted Tax Advisors

Tax Planning Means Now
Tax planning to minimize your tax liability and maximize your tax refund is just that. It is planning. Planning involves a discussion of your situation with an overall tax approach. It means implementing the plan during the year. If you wait until tax filing time, many strategies are lost.

Meet With a Tax Professional
We are available to answer your tax questions, prepare your returns, and meet your tax preparation needs — no matter how straightforward or complicated your need for tax preparation services may be.

We Can Prepare Your Taxes On-line

As a registered authorized electronic filer with Canada Revenue Agency, we provide security to your income tax preparation. Tax returns are processed promptly with tax refunds received by you usually within five to seven days. 
With life’s ever increasing demand of your time, ease and convenience are important factors for you. Drop off your taxes on the way to work and pick them up on your way home. What could be simpler?

Professional Development

ACCOUNTANTS on MAIN's commitment to professional development is staying abreast of new tax developments to ensures tax is minimized. This ongoing commitment to improve the tax services we offer is essential for meeting the current and future needs of our clients. Successful completion of annual corporate taxation courses is the back bone of AoM's professional development. 

Frequently Questioned Topics

  • Amount for an Eligible Dependent
  • Capital Gains and Loss
  • Charitable Donations
  • Child Care Expenses
  • Contributing to an RRSP
  • Electronic Filing (EFILE)
  • Employment Expenses
  • Income Splitting
  • Incorporation
  • Matters related to a deceased individual
  • Investment Income
  • Medical Expenses
  • Moving Expenses
  • Registered Retirement Savings Plans
  • Retirement Income
  • RRSP Home Buyers' Plan
  • Seniors
  • Starting Your Own Business
  • Support and Alimony Payments

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Extended hours during March and April tax season


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