Accountants on Main Assurance

A significant part of our practice includes accounting (Notice to Reader) and assurance (audit and review) services. At ACCOUNTANTS on MAIN, we are committed to providing our clients with the following services in a cost-efficient manner:


  • Bookkeeping services including new business start-up and set-up
  • Computer support and Quarterly Analysis of clients' recording systems
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Compilation or Notice to Reader, Review or Audit Engagements
  • Preparation of Corporate tax returns and tax planning strategies
  • Preparation of Personal tax returns and income splitting opportunities

Internal Control System and the New Compliance Regulations
The onus is on executives or senior management of the business to understand its significant business risks and to know how to mitigate these risks to ensure the shareholders’ stake is protected. In this understanding, management must identify and test the key controls of its internal control system. As chartered professional accountants, we bring years of experience to assist with this identification as well as perform independent testing of the key controls and provide an assurance opinion of the internal control system.

The assurance work performed by the firm is a value added service. It is the practice of the firm to provide clients with advice on how to enhance their companies' systems of internal control. This allows clients to strengthen the protection of the organizations' assets resulting in other operating improvements. By staying in contact with our clients throughout the year, we provide effective and efficient accounting and assurance services.

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Hour of Operation
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Extended hours during March and April tax season


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